Patrick Swayze IS DYING

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Another sad news, another great character to die. Cancer is a real bitch.

2008 was like a cancer plague, forever taking away Michal Dočolomanský, Paul Newman, Yves Saint Laurent, Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack among others. As if that wasn't enough, death also claimed its toll on Heath Ledger, Bo Diddley, Charlton Heston, Edmund Hillary and most recently Jan Kaplický. And the list goes on…

Now Patrick Swayze has announced that after a year's battle with pancreatic cancer he's facing death. The shock is even greater given the fact that throughout the past twelve months things looked so good for him. I was really hoping he'd beat the terrible disease. Now we learn it's not the case. I'm angry.

Just as they say that white people can't jump, it's true that they can't dance. Not salsa. Patrick Swayze was an exception to this rule, he can dance. No white man can pull of the moves he did in Dirty Dancing. Only Latinos can dance like Patrick and I can hardly imagine any other white man to be cast in what was one of my favourite films when I was a teenager. Nicolas Cage in Wild At Heart was another hero of mine and he could surely sing (he did in that film anyway) but he can't dance. John Travolta could dance but he's as gay as they come and completely lacks the masculinity and sex appeal needed for proper latin moves. So Dirty Dancing was all about Patrick Swayze. Forget about Jennifer Gray, Patrick teamed up with Cynthia Rhodes was the best part. Dirty Dancing was done with real dancers, all of them dancing up a storm and having a blast. Not even Diego Luna in the sequel could dance as well as Patrick did and he's a Latino. That pretty much sums it up.

Dirty Dancing 2 - Orishas: Represent Cuba

Here is the original Dirty Dancing famous watermelon/ mashed potatoes scene and here is the final dance.

Anyhow, the inevitable has kicked in. The only comfort to Patrick can be that he's really had the time of his life, having had all he's ever wanted in a form of long lasting happiness with his wife.
Now when Patrick Swayze dies, I'll have to celebrate his departure latino style. Will probably have to get drunk on the Cuba Libre with Bacardi blanco and lots of lime.
I'm already dreading that day.

To cheer you up, here's a different type of dancing, the very entertaining god of popping - Salah. Enjoy!

Credits: internet, youtube.

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